Precision Magnetic Disk Couplings

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Materials: Stainless Steel, Steel, Nickel
Bore Size: 0.125 in. (5mm) – 1.000 in. (19mm)
Outer Diameter: 1.06 in. (27mm) – 2.86 in. (73mm)
Length: 0.63 in. (15mm) – 1.00 in. (25.4mm)

Magnetic couplings transmit torque from the input shaft to the output shaft by using a magnetic field rather than a mechanized physical connection to transmit torque.
Because of the non-contact magnetic bond created between the two shafts, these couplings are most commonly used in liquid pump and propeller systems where seals over time as two surfaces slide against each other and wear or tear. Magnetic couplings use powerful natural magnets to transmit torque (without physical contact).