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NM Coupling

The NM coupling is an elastic rubber coupling used to compensate for shaft misalignment. It has high internal damping properties and can withstand a wide temperature range. It is made of nitrile rubber and is resistant to oil, dirt, moisture, ozone, and many chemical solvents.
This type of coupling is commonly used in industrial plants. It provides a simple and effective way of mechanical connection. NM couplings are available in various sizes and materials and can be tailored to the unique requirements of specific equipment. Furthermore, it is cost-effective, which makes it ideal for industrial plants and factories.

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  • Intrinsically fail-safe operation
  • Control of resonant torsional vibration
  • Severe shock load protection.
  • Misalignment capability
  • Maintenance free
  • Zero backlash
  • Low cost

What are shaft couplings?

Couplings are mechanical devices used to connect rotating shafts together, and the degree of misalignment between them depends on many factors, such as speed, torque, application, and the type of coupling itself.

Couplings can be classified as rigid or flexible types. Rigid couplings connect two precisely aligned shafts and handle high torque loads, while flexible couplings connect two less precisely aligned shafts and handle loads ranging from low to moderate torque.

Requirements of a good coupling

  • It should be capable of transmitting torque from driving shaft to driven shaft
  • It should align the shafts properly
  • It should be able to dismantle for the purpose of maintenance
  • It should provide safety to man and machine in case of coupling failure
Difference between rigid and flexible couplings
  • Flexible coupling can accommodate a slight misalignment between shafts, but a rigid coupling cannot accommodate any misalignment.
  • Flexible coupling can absorb shocks and vibrations, but a rigid coupling cannot absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • A rigid coupling is simple and inexpensive, but flexible couplings are expensive.
Working Principle of Shaft Coupling

The motor is responsible for transmitting power from the drive side and the propeller on the drive side. It is important to know that the coupling does not transfer the heat of the motor to the driven side.
On the other hand, it is found that the elastomer type is responsible for obtaining flexibility from all non-moving, elastic, or plastic elements responsible for transmitting torque within the metal hub. The important thing is the motor on the drive side and the propeller on the driven side.


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